Important Facebook marketing secrets 2022 -

Facebook's Secrets Marketing through Facebook pages has evolved into one of the most effective electronic techniques of e-marketing, allowing you to reach the greatest number of target groups in all areas and sections of the world. Marketing through Facebook pages is one of the greatest and most potent means of e-marketing, but it takes time and money.

Important Facebook marketing secrets 2022

There are two types of marketing on Facebook pages:

First: paid marketing

is the ability to market through funded ads,where the marketer can market his products through Facebook pages or create Facebook advertising campaigns through funded ads provided by Facebook, and for Facebook advertising campaigns have many goals that the marketer seeks to achieve through these funded ads, such as increasing marketing followers and promotion of page posts, videos, and photos to attract viewers to interact with the ad by writing comm

When marketing on Facebook pages, if you have a number of followers, you can make funded ads. This makes it easier for you because if you are at the beginning of marketing and you make funded ads, you will need a large budget to spend on them to get thousands of followers.

Second: free marketing.

The best way to market via Facebook, especially for the owners of the capital settled where it is possible to market a product or commodity or offer offers and services, is a technical method that achieves the desired goal and for free.

Why is Facebook marketing one of the strongest marketing methods?

Because Facebook has about 1.56 billion users, it is a huge number for any marketer who wants to reach the global market. The average Facebook user spends about 60 minutes a day on the site, which is the highest rate among various social networking sites, so marketing through Facebook pages is one of the strongest marketing methods.

Facebook has the strongest database in the world that knows everything about its users, so there are many companies and giant companies that rely entirely on Facebook to earn millions of dollars, and they publish marketing plans at the highest level because Facebook has the largest data and analysis power in the world compared to other social networking sites.

Select your goal from Facebook:

When you make any marketing plans, you have to set a goal for this plan, so when you market on Facebook, you have to set a goal. And what do I want to investigate? Do you want to get new followers and customers or promote the service or product?Or create a page on it related to the product that I want to respond to all the queries of followers and communicate with them effectively and immediately. These questions should be on your mind when the first step in marketing via Facebook target will save you a lot of time and effort and help you achieve your desired goal from Facebook.

The importance of owning a professional Facebook page:

You must have a Facebook page with the brand or brand of each product, and you must prepare this page correctly and accurately because Facebook has a huge number of search engines. The more accurate and powerful your page is, the more you can be in the first search pages related to the area you promote.

Marketing through Facebook groups:

Facebook has added a feature in recent years, the feature of forming a group that includes the largest number of users, according to the desire of each user, and can expand ads in the groups to reach only all participants in them, so it has become dependent on groups in marketing. You can create a group in the name of the page that you own and market it, and you can reach your customers faster through these groups and communicate with them. You can also subscribe to other groups and promote publications and content without violating the rules of these groups so that you are not expelled.

The importance of identifying the audience on Facebook:

Facebook gives analytics and data about users, and you have to use this feature to know the interests of the jahmor and what they want, and what the best content they prefer, and know the times they are, and know their ages and races. This information will help you in your marketing campaigns.

Select content that is presented to the public:

Identifying content is one of the objectives of marketing on Facebook, where you must determine the quality of the content you will provide on Facebook. It must be useful content that is not deceptive to the public, educational, and related to the product or service you market. It does not depend on providing profit-based content only in order to increase confidence between you and your customers, and provide content that communicates with people through the publications of the survey and discussion with them on the most important topics related to the field in which you shop.

Providing customer service:

One of the successful marketing methods is to quickly add a customer service feature, and you can use Facebook to provide a service to customers after the sale and before the purchase process to increase the volume of your sales and profitability, get more followers, and design the page professionally to be ready to answer all customer questions and solve all the problems you face so that you can be popular and build mutual trust between you and your customers.

Analysis of marketing results through Facebook:

If you failed in your marketing plans, you should be aware that every minute you spend creating content or publishing publications has a cost and a goal that you must specify. Otherwise, you are wasting your time. The funded ads must have a monetary return on your business. Have you received the desired financial return from any Facebook marketing campaign?

Important secrets about Facebook marketing

1- Connecting the idea through useful content:

You have to work to provide good content by continuing to provide content on your Facebook page that provides useful and reliable information that benefits the public, and you can become a reliable source of information on topics related to a field. You can hire aspiring people who work within your team on Facebook and are responsible for managing these pages and providing high quality content, and you can make your content include photos and videos that attract people, and you can write useful articles and make short messages or provide advice to customers that is related to the product.

2-Monitoring followers:

One of the best marketing methods is to follow all customers and communicate with them constantly. You can do this through requests to participate and to you and comment on the content you provide. There must be a team for you equipped for this direct response to all customers, such as: "Thank you for following us. We are happy to communicate with you always. If there is any problem, the reply will be like: "Thank you very much for informing us. We have reached your problem and are working to solve it." Any comments must be admired and directly answered.

3-Presenting interesting and attractive topics

You must provide interesting and interesting content and topics that are interesting to customers and the diversity of content delivery while linking it to your trade.

Continuity and communication with customers:

One of the mistakes that many marketers make is that they neglect their Facebook pages and stop publishing and issuing content related to their products and stop communicating with users. This interruption causes customers to forget about them and gives competitors an opportunity to acquire followers.

4-Focus on publications that are of interest to followers and are of interest to them.

Many marketers are involved in marketing on Facebook by providing content that is not related to the ponies, interests, fields, or desires that they are looking for in your product.

How to market a product on Facebook:

We will give you the first beginnings of the facebook marketing strategy to increase the number of followers and their interaction and get the largest number of likes and shares including:

1-Determining the product and setting a goal for it to sell:

When you create a Facebook marketing page, you must identify the product and be a fully defined product so that you can promote and shop for it. Bear in mind that you must have a clear strategic plan for the marketing goal on Facebook, identifying the sales ratios to be achieved and determining the goal of increasing the number of followers of the page.

2- Talk to customers in a friendly way away from the official:

To make your first forays into Facebook marketing and become a popular base for your users, you must communicate with the public and address them in a way that is both inexpensive and feels like it is at work.

3-Using images to increase the number of likes and the interaction of the public with them:

Posting photos helps to increase the number of likes on Facebook for pages and thus increase followers of the page and pictures related to the product must be professional images that attract viewers to it and share them and stay away from forbidden images as they arouse the passion of followers and anger them with the change of profile pictures and cover from time to time to remain in constant communication with followers.

4- Publishing marketing videos for the page:

Video is one of the most powerful marketing methods. If it contains unique and interesting content that attracts attention, make sure you have gained the largest number of followers. You can encourage followers to share the video by asking them to leave a comment for their friends and relatives if they love the video and write a position or story related to the content of the video displayed on the page.

5- Work on creating a unique hashtag for you:

Creating your own hashtag with posts you post or videos and photos helps you create your own identity on Facebook and makes you appear in the first results in search engines.

6: Making a fun Facebook game that attracts followers:

To enhance customer communication with you, challenge followers about the product who can do so by being able to do so in order to share their stories about this challenge or create a puzzle through a set of images who can solve this puzzle who is able to differentiate between the two images.

Interacting on Facebook and communicating with followers in a way that increases sales volume is not as difficult as some believe, but it does require professionalism in thinking to exploit every feature on Facebook and exploit it in favor of marketing the product.

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