Messenger Robot Marketing - The Traffic That Will Change Your Life 2022

 Email marketing is the most effective approach to acquiring long-term clients at a low cost, and marketing via social media is also effective. Miles is the king, and the Queen debuted in 2016? Yes, messenger marketing has completely transformed the game.

Messenger marketing began with the release of Messenger's Facebook "Api," allowing "Third-Party," i.e., developers, to make robots for "me and you" marketers. In fact, once I began using Messenger marketing, I multiplied my income 100 times over. This is not an exaggeration; it is the truth.

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What is messenger marketing?

If you utilize e-mail marketing, the same idea applies as it does with Messenger marketing: you acquire your list through free or paid traffic, and then you write to them for life and free of charge, which means collecting free transfers for life.

You can add Messenger to the channels you control and have it send you a targeted visual whenever and wherever you want. But first, let's figure out which channels we have control over and which we don't.

Channels that we don't control and provide us with targeted graphics:

This traffic is 100 percent targeted, but we have no control over it; you are not the one who decides when you may bring the traffic, and it is the search engines that govern this traffic, and each new update has the potential to put your business out of commission for good.

The traffic you bring from social media is also unmanageable, whether you have a large page or bring traffic from a group. As you know, Facebook has released a new update that has reduced access in a shocking way, so if you are one of the people who relies on free traffic from your pages, I cannot guarantee you will continue in 2022.

The channels that we manage and that supply us with tailored visuals are as follows:

Ad traffic is a form of traffic control, so when you promote, you manage how much traffic you want to acquire at what moment. However, this method is costly.

E-Mail Marketing: Emel is a marketing channel property that assures you focused traffic at the moment you want, so once you obtain a customer's e-mail, it means you'll have sales for life, and e-mail marketing is quite inexpensive.

If someone hides a secret from you in 2017 and 2018, it's Messanger, and in 2022 or 21, it'll be "WhatsApp," so follow the marketer's website so you may get everything fresh from the marketing globe. Once you have a mailing list, you will have devoted consumers for life, and therefore, travel and sales for life whenever and wherever you like. And it's all free!

Why Messenger? You should know, my darling, that everyone who establishes a Facebook account keeps it for the rest of their lives, since statistics show that if you possess it once, you own it forever.

How do I start marketing through Messenger and ManyChat?

ManyChat Explanation

Companies began developing robots for marketers once Facebook unveiled Messenger's API, and there are numerous robots on the market currently, but I like ManyChat since it is free and limitless. To illustrate, you can build your own robot, but it won't be as efficient as we are as marketers. If you're a programmer or work with a team of programmers, you may begin programming a robot that fulfills our demands as marketers, and I'd be pleased to market it for free. If you want to start building a robot,

Now that you've accessed "ManyChat" and linked your Facebook page with Android, you'll see a page like this:

What is Messenger bot marketing? How does messenger marketing work? How do I promote my messenger bot? How does Messenger bot make money?

Now you must acquire traffic to register your robot, and in order for the person to register the robot, all they have to do is send a message to your Facebook page.

After signing up for ManyChat, go right to Default Reply to program your response to everyone who sends you a message, such as "Hello dear with you embounce page robot, you may leave your message till our crew answers it."

Now that you've prepared the message that will appear, you should begin bringing in Android registrants, and the best way to do so is to create a Facebook ad telling them that you will give them a product or book for everyone who follows you on the page in the same way you did with the marketer's website, and see what happens!

As you can see, the announcement is straightforward yet powerful.

After you've brought in the traffic, you should start creating sequences to automate everything.

If you're not sure how to create a professional Facebook ad, check out this guide: Facebook advertisements

Sequences are automated messages that are sent to your clients at the time you choose, so that everyone who is enrolled in Android will begin getting your messages even if you are in a café with your buddies. "Will you receive sales while you sleep?"

In what areas can Messenger help me increase my profits?

  • In conclusion, all sectors, Even if you generate money from advertisements on your website, you may still use Messenger since it gives you free and consistent traffic.
  • Yes, you may use Messenger to sell your items, but you must provide advice in the first 5 days before selling the product, as mentioned in the course, otherwise the buyer will unsubscribe.
  • You may utilize the same strategy we discussed in commission marketing to sell Amazon and ClickBank items.
  • Yes, all you have to do is create a relationship with your subscribers and then sell them your courses.
  • If you run a restaurant, you may draw your customers back every day by presenting new dishes and reselling your products and courses, as well as bringing people back to finish your CPa offers, which is vital to promote through Messenger in the future.

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