The importance of e-marketing-2022

What is the future of marketing 2022? Why is e Marketing Important? What are the digital marketing Trends for 2022?

In this segment, we will address some of the important reasons why e-marketing is important to every BuzzFeed owner, and of course, these are also the reasons why thousands of people learn e-marketing to get great employment opportunities.

1. Electronic marketing is the best way to reach potential customers

Just take a deep breath and try to imagine how many Internet users there are right now. You just have to look around and see your friends, your parents, your coworkers using the Internet, and if you're only one of those who believes the statistics,

According to statistics, in April 2020 there were 4.57 billion Internet users worldwide, more than half of the world's population using the Internet on a daily basis.

Imagine having access to half the world's population to offer or serve your product in front of them... I'm sorry. Don't imagine... What's needed here is to learn. It's possible.

Of course, you probably won't need access to all of them, but online marketing will enable you to market according to your own options.

2. Electronic marketing is used by competitors

The Internet is an opportunity to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Whether you take advantage of this opportunity or not, your competitors do, or at least the smart ones do, and by abandoning electronic marketing, you lose a very important competitive advantage.

This idea doesn't need proof... I'm sure you know more of the entrepreneurs who use the Internet for marketing, and even the guy who owns a small candy store in that neighborhood has a Facebook page to promote his store.

3. Potential clients assume everything is online.

When your potential customers want to buy your product or service, they'll look online. If you don't exist, they'll ignore you completely, or you'll never get inspired in the first place.

To understand that, you only have to review your Google search log, and I think you'll find that you've looked at sentences like this:

  • From a restaurant,
  • The Doctor's phone number...
  • The best rose shop in town...
  • Store address:...

Of course, here's the restaurant, the doctor, the rose shop, and the store that has online will have a greater chance of winning over the customers who are looking... Don't you agree with me?

4. Electronic marketing helps you create a new market.

Electronic marketing doesn't recognize the limits of time and space, so you can create a new market and have more potential customers.

By applying the same idea we had in the previous point, by assuming that you were the owner of a flower shop in one area of New Cairo, and by assuming that you were famous in your area, What if a resident of a nearby residential area looks for a rose shop and your official location shows him/her a rose shop? Isn't this a chance to create a new market?

5. Electronic marketing provides an effective means of direct communication with the client.

Through the online marketing tools, you can actually talk to your potential clients as if you were seeing them face-to-face. This will enable you to get new ideas, proposals, or solutions to problems regarding your product or service.

Your clients will also feel confident and belong to your brand because they'll see it in front of them like someone they're familiar with constantly.

With the same simple examples as before, what if that lover who's looking for a good flower shop reached out to you on WhatsApp (through a button on the official website), and I answered all his questions and told him you were providing fresh flowers?

And after he made the purchase, I reached out to him and asked him:

Did our flowers like you? Would you allow us to contact you on her next birthday to remind you of him and to make another bouquet specifically for that?

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