7 top sources for obtaining high-quality backlinks

 7 top sources for obtaining high-quality backlinks

Before you read this article, we realize that there are many sites that have published different articles about sites to get backlinks, but the only problem with these posts is that they contain completely foreign sites without users in other languages ​​like Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, and .... Or maybe there are a few, so today in this post, which will be the reason for the growth of your site, we will discuss the best sites to get backlinks in all languages.

If your site offers material in any language and in any subject, such as technical, sports, and so on.. in this post we will list the best and largest sites to gain backlinks to your site, since these sites have a wide user base and therefore better chances of receiving many visits and powerful backlinks.

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Backlinks are one of the fundamental aspects on which various search engines, like Google and Bing, rely, particularly in recent updates, wherein backlinks these engines estimate the worth of your site and categorize it. As a consequence, having a strong and abundant backlink will propel your site to the top of the search results in your field, resulting in more traffic.

These sites that we will discuss in this article have been selected based on several factors, the most important of which are the quality of the backlink, the high domain authority, the presence of Arab users, and so on. These sites are very safe and do not pose any danger to your site, as they have a good reputation with all search engines.

Backlinks from the sites with a good reputation with search engines will help your site to:

  • Increase the domain authority of your site (Site Authority).
  • Increase the confidence of search engines on your site.
  • Diversify your website traffic sources.
  • Influencing other sites and thus paraphrasing your articles and placing your site link, which will give you more visits and more backlinks.
  • Continuity of getting new visitors.
  • Archiving your site's content in search engines (of course if the backlink is of the Do Follow type).

Here are the top 07 sites to receive a good backlink from that can help your site climb in search engine rankings:


Mix.com allows you to add an infinity of links to your articles because it was originally designed to share links to blog posts, and with it you will get a very strong backlink because the domain authority is 82, and the site is increasing in a number of visitors significantly daily and its Alexa ranking is less than 15 thousand. Simply put, mix.com is a strong bullish site and will take your site forward with it as long as you publish your articles linked to it.


Reddit.com gives you the possibility to add infinity of links without fear of blocking your domain. Reddit is one of the largest and best sites and is popular in the West, and its use began to spread in the Arab world years ago, as Reddit now has many Arab users. This means that you will get a strong backlink and many visits to your site. Domain Authority Reddit is high, which is 90, Alexa rank is 18, and it has more than 47 million visitors per day.


Medium.com is a treasure for website owners, and it is dedicated to blogging in all languages, including Arabic, of course. On Medium, you can take the main points from your post and put them on Medium in the form of a short or long post, and at the bottom you put the link to your post as a source, which will enable you to get a strong backlink And more targeted visits and also faster archiving, the two authority domains of the Medium site is 95, and it is visited on a daily basis by more than 8 million visitors and its Alexa rank is 92.


Linkedin.com Among the best sites to get a very strong backlink is Linkedin, which many consider to be not important, and the truth is the opposite. Linkedin is among the most successful sites and getting backlinks from it will help your site to rise in search engines and get more targeted visits. , Domain Authority LinkedIn is 97 with more than 13 visitors per day and is ranked 58th in Alexa Ranking


Pinterest.com is one of the largest social networking sites and one of the best to get a strong backlink for your site, as the two authoritative terms of the site are 94, and it is visited by more than 6 million visitors per day and occupies the 119th place in the Alexa ranking, and publishing your site links on it will earn you a lot of visits, even if Arabic was the language of your site, as many Arabs use Pinterest, especially women.


flipboard.com Among what shows that flipboard is one of the most powerful sites for getting backlinks is the authority, which is high (91), flipboard.com allows you to publish links to your article and thus get strong backlinks and additional traffic.

VKontakte VK:

VK.com Vkontakte is among the largest social networking sites and among the sites that compete with Facebook, with 42 million visitors per day and ranks high in the Alexa ranking (20), and it is a treasure, from which you can get many visits and a strong backlink . Domit Authority Vkontakte is 96.

You should use all this backlink sites list to rank your website, get a large amount of targeted traffic and increase your click-through rate.

In SEO, backlinks are very important for every blog or website. If you want your page to rank higher in Google results pages, you have to collect a lot of backlinks. But, I recommend, instead of building thousands of links from several other sources and this will definitely get you penalized for your site by Google, because any site you link to that you didn't check and check before linking will negatively affect your site, so try to focus on a few backlink sites or sites High quality backlinks that are at the heart of your site's domain.

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