Top Email Marketing Trends 2022 -

 Top Email Marketing Trends 2022

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Email marketing has been a key component of online marketing. Despite this harsh pandemic, marketers have developed new email marketing trends to help businesses continue to generate revenue through their email programs.

This article shows you the latest email marketing trends that will help you make an impact in your email marketing efforts in 2022.

Companies have been doing everything they can to make adjustments during this pandemic. They have had to rethink and restructure everything that comes with running a business, developing an email marketing strategy to connect with their customers, as well as running successful email campaigns.

So, what is the best way to recover from this pandemic and stay ahead of your competition? Digital Marketing is the solution!

Learn about the hottest marketing trends of 2022 to show you how email marketing can help you attract email clients who will lead your business to success. Read on as we dive into email marketing trends that may positively impact your brand's visibility, customer experience, and increase sales!

Why are email marketing insights and reports important?

Post-2020 behavior has reduced the physical promotion of the brand. Fortunately, in the world of email, email marketing has been resilient during these trying times and has continued to allow businesses to generate revenue.

Marketing emails have allowed companies to stay in touch with their customers. More data proves that customers open emails with content relevant to them, thus increasing email engagement.

Good email engagement always leads to better customer satisfaction and increased ROI. Therefore, you must combine automation and personalization to create an email marketing strategy that works and matches your customer journey on a whole new level.

Furthermore, according to LearnEmail Inbox Expo 2021, knowing the value of experts' "secret" tactics can help you better understand aspects of a successful email program and help you build stable operations for your organization.

How Can LearnEmail Inbox Expo 2022 Help You?

Know the trends for 2022 and actionable steps marketers can take this year;

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Be aware of emerging technologies that can influence your general marketing strategies;

Be equipped with actionable ways for your email program to stay ahead of other marketing companies.

What are the current email trends for 2022?

Knowing and following trends can have a promising effect to help you stay on top of your game this year.

Start by building a strategy that will restructure your email marketing process to fit these trends and insights. Use interactive email when communicating with your customers and make sure your call to action is relevant to your message. Being creative and smart is also an essential skill that you and your team need to master in order to excel at email.

Here are some predictions and insights into the effectiveness of some strategies when it comes to email marketing using metrics like open rate, click rate, and conversion rate.

This data will analyze the effectiveness of:

  • Email customization
  • AMP Interactive Emails
  • Implementation of BIMI
  • Take advantage of artificial intelligence and automation
  • The dark mode factor in email design
  • Approval of e-mail access procedures

Email customization practice

First on our list of email marketing trends are personalized emails. Personalized emails dominate other trends based on their impact on email marketing. People prefer to be addressed as human beings rather than as 'leaders' or 'metrics'. Make your customers feel valued.

The most common problem for industry experts is using automation to send thousands of emails without personalization. While automation helps with efficiency, be sure to use custom merge tags (if your email software allows it) so emails aren't generalized, boring, and obvious. Start real conversations with your subscribers to build stronger relationships.

Partitioning is also important for customization. Consider learning new email marketing strategies that can track customer behavior and discover topics that will catch their attention. List segmentation allows you to target a specific segment of your email list with this data in mind to best appeal to their interests.

Implement interactive emails in AMP format

Another big trend is AMP. The AMP blue lightning bolt appeared in search engines and became a trend that helped the e-commerce industry by adding interactive elements to their websites to boost customer engagement. Not only does AMP increase mobile landing page speed after clicking, but it is also a tool for creating interactive emails.

Email experts should take advantage of AMP emails to get more interesting, attractive, and dynamic email content by adding interactive elements. It works reliably and as intended on every platform, all operating systems, and every device (whether desktop computers or mobile phones). AMP allows you to fully customize the email user interface such as layouts, media, and dynamic content (such as forms, selectors, etc.) to make it more interactive for your customers and build strong interaction.

You can use AMP for an email to gather user-generated content while increasing email engagement. You can include a survey in the email and ask subscribers to share their thoughts. Aweber collected AMP user-generated content by asking subscribers if they would send the email campaign on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday. You can also use AMP to increase web traffic and newsletter signups by allowing the recipient to tweet from the interactive email. Expect cross-platform interaction when using AMP for email.

Use BIMI to earn your customer's trust

When BIMI (Brand Message Identification Indicators) was first introduced, email marketers gained new leverage to be recognized and trusted by their audience. Since then, a recent survey has shown that BIMI adoption has become more widespread and has grown by 74% in the past six months!

BIMI implementation requires prior email authentication, including DMARC, SPF, and DKIM. Provides additional protection from email spoofing, phishing, and other cyber hacking by adding your registered trademarks to your email. This level of authentication aims to increase your brand's social proof and customer trust, allowing you to increase revenue.

Take advantage of artificial intelligence and automation

Based on the predictions of senior marketing managers, it is a good idea to explore and take advantage of these AI features:

Catchy Subject Lines - Subject lines can open or close the portal for your clients. A great subject line makes your target customer actually click and read your email. Try easy-to-use copywriting tools like to create creative subject lines that grab your subscriber's attention.

Automated email content - Automation isn't just about subject lines. Also, automate the way you insert content into your email. This can be in the form of promotions, snippets, pre-written copy, or blog posts. It obviously cuts down on the time you spend on your email campaigns.

Know the optimal timing - Use AI to research and collect data about when and how often you can send emails to your customers. Email marketers have traditionally relied on data analysis, intuition, and experimentation to figure out specific timings. But thanks to AI-powered tools, it's now easy to set the right schedule for sending emails to your audience.

What can we learn from using AI in email?

Many marketers believe that the upcoming rise of artificial intelligence in email marketing is good news for the industry. There is artificial intelligence that helps brands rank their audience based on past transactions and the performance history of their email campaigns. It provides a smarter view based on your segmentation and becomes a huge boost to your email deliverability.

You may also want to follow this checklist:

  • understand how technology works;
  • Prepare your team to properly collect and process data;
  • Analyze the collected data in a logical way and apply the discoveries to your omnichannel marketing.

When it comes to email data collection, the email AI world must take data privacy into account. Email professionals must adapt to market changes such as Apple's Mail Privacy Protection when using artificial intelligence to collect data from subscribers. Try to collect first-party data and first-party data to ensure that data is collected voluntarily and directly from your customers.

Approval of e-mail access procedures

One of the latest trends to come into the picture is the focus on accessibility. More than a billion people on this planet suffer from some kind of visual impairment. Email marketers should always take this market as an equal priority when setting up new campaigns. If 1 in 5 people are unable to read and take action on emails, you may also reduce performance metrics by 20%.

Make sure you apply email access best practices when creating new content for your campaigns.

A quick tip on email marketing trends in 2022

The email industry continues to develop sophisticated tactics that have proven to be adaptable and successful, even though an unexpected event like the Covid-19 pandemic.

The top 5 points of this article are:

  • Personalize your emails
  • Use BIMI so your customers can recognize your brand in their inbox
  • Use AMP to add interactive content in your email and mobile optimization to your website
  • Draw designers to the importance of dark mode
  • Add actions to access your emails

Always stay informed, innovate and try new tactics by following email trends to help your brand stay ahead of the game!

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