Raising the price per click (CPC) in Google AdSense 2022 magic tips on - Embounce.net

 Raising the price per click (CPC) in Google AdSense 2022

CPC or "cost per click" on average. Let's say you get 0 0.02 for one click and دولار 1 for another click, so the average CPC ($ 0.02+. 1) / 2=. 0.51. The Cost per click (CPC) is another factor in Adsense improve performance coupled eCPM eCPM (effective cost per mile) and CTR to CTR (CTR Click Through Rate),"

Raising the price per click (CPC) in Google AdSense 2022 magic tips on - Embounce.net

You should try the possible ways to increase the cost per click in Adsense to increase profits. Increasing your CTR will help, too, but there will still be less revenue when your CPC is low and your CTR is high. 

For example, instead of getting 10 clicks at a cost of 0 0.02 (1 10 0.02 = 0 0.2), try getting two clicks at a price of 0 0.50 (or its local currency equivalent) which is 2 2 0.50 = دولار 1, and much better isn't it?) So, your CTR should range (from 10 to 2), but the final profit is much better (دولار 0.2 to.1) because of the cost per click (. 0.02 to. 0.5). I hope you got my point on how to raise the price per click in Google AdSense

How to increase the price per click

1) focus on keywords, specialization, and topic:

Not all types of the content display the same types of ads.

 Advertisers pay (more) money on certain keywords which will pay a good CPC. You should know the high-paying keywords for your blog topic and write about them or include them in your blog posts. 

The bots scan your content before serving ads, and if they find valuable keywords and useful content, they will deliver high-quality ads.

This does not mean, you have to write only about high-paying keywords. It is very difficult to get search engine traffic to high-profitability keywords since it will see greater competition, "

The way to increase profits is to raise the price per click in Google AdSense".

Write down what you know and would like to write, but consider high-paying keywords and list them in a few places.

Also, you have to think about potential advertisers and competition for the topic you write. Let's say you write about free stuff, you'll probably get the lowest CPC because none of the advertisers will pay high profits for free stuff that can't be sold. 

Keep in mind! Every advertiser who advertises in his or her account that is displayed as ads in our blogs needs our site visitors to his or her product page and turn them into a sale, registration, or any action.

2) enable image and text ads:

Some people don't like video ads or interactive multimedia in their blog posts, because they expect ads to appear AdSense Like A Link (Text Link). 

In my experience, display ads and multiple ads work well in all places. 

If you only have text ads, convert them to images and text.

You can see the difference in the next two weeks. I tried several times and several places, then decided the image and text ads worked fine. Highly recommend using picture and text ads.

Image ads (high CTR) are more likely to be clicked.

All popular advertisers and product owners prefer to display their brands and products as rich images or media, so this may result in high-quality ads and a good cost per click.

Only one video ad can be shown at a time instead of 3 to 4 text ads. This may be a good CPC advertisement.

More advertisers will target your ad segments directly if you allow video and text ads through or ad planner.

3) too many ads - lower cost per click:

Do you use all three ad modules?

 If yes, is each content of your posts balanced

 I recommend using all three ad groups if your blog posts are long enough to accommodate these openings and with valuable keywords available to feed Your bots.

If your articles are too short and do not contain rich keywords, you will experience difficulties in displaying relevant, high-paying, and interesting ads to your visitors.

In the end, you get clicks but no earnings due to low payouts, inappropriate, and some generic advertising too.

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