What are the most effective types of marketing in 2023


What types of e-marketing are there? What are the most effective marketing strategies?! What is the concept of e-marketing?!

Many of these questions, or similar ones, are about types of marketing or the best marketing strategies that top search engines consider the essential questions and topics that a large number of Internet users search for.

The questioner may be a graduate who wants to pursue a career in the field of marketing or someone already working in the field of marketing and would like to develop his skills or get to know what the search audience is looking for through search engines and the type and value of the content that appears to him.

If this article has appeared to you, then you are one of these researchers, and you want to satisfy your curiosity about the types of marketing or the concept of e-marketing, as they are the most important paragraphs covered in the article below.

An Introduction to e-marketing

The field of marketing is one of the most remarkably and rapidly developing fields with all its types and strategies, but we find that e-marketing has a special development and importance.

This is due to the necessity to follow any of his strategies today to promote various online businesses and his effective success in achieving this. Today, there is no justification for not having any brand online.

That is why we find that one of the most famous and popular questions that top search engines get billions of searches for is the concept of e-marketing or the definition of e-marketing, as well as the types of marketing in general.

In fact, there are many reasons behind this. It may be due to the shifting interests of the public today towards using the Internet, using search engines, and communicating through various social media platforms instead of using TV, newspapers, and magazines to find out about news and advertisements or learn about brand advertisements.

This is what we will present in the next paragraph. Together, we will learn about the most important and prominent different forms and types of marketing that help achieve business goals in the commercial field, especially online commerce, and how you can choose the right type and strategy for you and your business.

What are the most prominent types of marketing in 2023 and what is the difference between them?

There are two basic types of marketing, which are,

  • Digital Marketing
  • traditional marketing

In addition to many other different types of marketing, including viral marketing, word of mouth, and hidden marketing,

In the following, we will address the most prominent types of marketing in their various directions and doctrines, all of which are suitable for various activities and commercial fields. Still, before choosing the appropriate marketing strategy, you must develop a plan or work on important matters that will help you later in implementing the appropriate strategy and ultimately ensure the success of your commercial goals.

Types of Digital Marketing

How do I master email marketing? A question that tops the search engines daily is, "But why?"

This is because digital marketing, e-marketing, or era marketing, is one of the most important types of marketing today because it is the closest to the audience.

With this type of marketing, you can reach the audience faster because you use the means that the audience is already keen on following, which leads to amazing results and success for the brand.

Within e-marketing, we find many different marketing departments as a result of the multiplicity of marketing methods and tools such as social media platforms, e-mail, and websites.

And whenever you discover a new electronic means, a new type of marketing, or a new strategy that you, as a merchant or business owner, can use and benefit from to achieve your various business objectives,

In the following, we will present the most important of these different types and means that fall under the type of e-marketing and how you, as a business owner, can use them in the best way to achieve more success, the most important of which is, of course, communicating with your target audience in the language they prefer.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engines are the public's favorite friends, with all their characteristics and interests. No individual does not have a mobile phone and uses it when searching for or inquiring about anything, any information, or any place.

We all have many convictions that we do not know how they became entrenched inside us, and the most important of these convictions is that the famous search engine Google knows everything!

That is why we turn to Google when we want to learn about new information search for a new place to take a walk search for a product we want to buy or search for a service that we would like to benefit from, and indeed, we find an answer to all these questions and inquiries, which increases our belief that Google knows everything!

All of these motives were the reason for Google to become one of the most important types of e-marketing that can be applied to achieve the highest sales and revenue rates for brands, as through it you can reach your audience who is already looking for you.

Types of marketing In the following points, we will learn about the two types of search engine marketing techniques that help you in marketing and promoting your business and the product or service you provide to the public, namely, SEO, or search engine optimization, and SEM, or pay-per-click advertising, and we will learn about them in the following points in detail.

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Content marketing is one of the most important sections of e-marketing and one of the most important concepts within the concept of e-marketing.

Or, more precisely, it is one of the most important tools and techniques that allow you to implement the campaign goals of your brand’s e-marketing, as it is an essential means of communicating with the audience and, through the types of marketing content you provide, the audience can learn about your business and the product or service you provide.

And you can apply the types of content marketing, including images and videos, to achieve ease of communication with the audience and win them over by providing the information they need and answering any inquiries they may have. All of this makes it easier for the audience to get to know your business and then interact with it.

The form of content marketing for various fields and online businesses is represented by the following forms:

  • Blogging via websites or online stores
  • Social media account posts
  • Email messages
  • Online seminars and meetings
  • e-books
  • Photos and videos via the website, store, or social media

We cannot end this point without talking about the importance of video marketing, as it is one of the best forms and types of content marketing, and the video medium is used to display the content that needs to be displayed and delivered to the target audience.

You can create attractive and distinctive videos to attract your potential and existing customers as well, and this is the best way to communicate with them regarding various goals, whether they be presenting your product, good, or service.

You can also use video to document your brand awareness more professionally, especially at the start of your online business.

Marketing on Social Media

All of these social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat, and WhatsApp) allow you to promote your activity and brand, regardless of the product, commodity, or service you provide.

It also helps you achieve more important goals than selling, which is documenting your brand with your target audience, and this is the result of direct communication with them with different types of content, language, and behavior that resemble their behavior and interests.

Email Promotion

Previously, we talked about the most important types of modern marketing, which are e-marketing strategies, and now we will address an important and effective type, which is e-mail marketing.

A person who enjoys online shopping and considers it an indispensable behavior loves promotions and reviews, which are one of the most important forms of emails that can be sent to your customers, increasing the chances of interaction with your brand and thus achieving higher sales and more profits.

One of the reasons why email marketing is important and its success is guaranteed is the accuracy of the transmission to the target customer already. With marketing analytics, you can create an email list that includes contacts for your customers who are interested in the email content that you will actually send, which enhances their desire to interact, and this brings many benefits to your activity.

After we have learned about the types of digital marketing and their most prominent and effective strategies, we will now move to new and different types of marketing, which are:

there is Influencer Marketing.

One of the most famous types of marketing that are used and applied today is the use of famous social media, especially art and social media, because of their great and amazing impact on the segments of the consumer audience who use the Internet, especially the new millennium generation who blindly follow these celebrities.

By sending a sample of your product or service that you sell and an agreement with one of these celebrities to promote your business and motivate their followers to purchase the product and benefit from the service.

ExpandCart experts' advice

For the celebrity marketing strategy that you will implement to promote your business to be successful, you must follow the following criteria:

  • Being a person of note is to be a neutral person who does not adhere to any clear center, party, artistic, political, or religious trend.
  • Take into account the influencer's audience size.
  • The rate of interaction and activity of this audience with the influencer.

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60% of all brands participating in a MediaKix survey report that an influencer marketing strategy is more effective and delivers more effective results than a traditional content marketing strategy.

there is Buzz Marketing or Buzz Marketing.

In the beginning, we can get to the concept and goal of buzz marketing through its name, which is to cause a buzz about the product or service that your brand will offer in the market.

This is done by raising controversy or talking about this product in circles to spread the echo of this business, which raises the curiosity and interest of the public, especially your potential customers who are interested in your business.

To apply this type of marketing, you can follow more than one method, such as speaking in the media or through social media platforms, or during conferences and meetings attended by celebrities whose opinions are influenced by the public.

We will give an example to illustrate the concept of pretentious marketing in more detail.

If your business is in the field of beauty products, skincare, or hair care, you will probably produce a new skincare product like face wash.

To implement this strategy, you will need to produce free samples of this product and distribute them across your trade markets, or as a free sample with any order from your store, or at an event or party.

All of these methods allow the public to test the product and issue an evaluation on it, which makes it easier for you to know the customer's experiences with the product and what the shortcomings and positives of its development are, and to re-evaluate and evaluate the product before it is officially launched into the market.

And pretentious marketing is one of the types of viral marketing whose concept we can derive from its name, which is to work on promoting the idea and spreading it virally and quickly.

Traditional Marketing

Television advertising is one of the most important forms of traditional marketing that has been fully relied upon since the inception of the marketing and advertising approach, as television was the only means of entertainment at the time, and a large segment of the consumer audience gathered in front of it with its various characteristics.

Television was once the primary source of entertainment for both families and individuals.

And also because of the widespread use of actors and artists loved by the public, which was popular and achieved the highest success rates for sales and revenue.

Another type of traditional marketing is through billboards that are scattered in the streets and public places, and it is also one of the most powerful means of traditional marketing that is used and achieves its goals greatly.

It is a type of marketing that can be used today as consumer behavior has not changed much regarding going out and about in public places.

In addition to the above, we cannot overlook the importance of printing newspaper and magazine advertisements and how they contributed to achieving the objectives of the marketing campaign at this time.

But with the development of consumer behavior now, as we mentioned, the marketing method had to evolve as well to suit the behavior and thoughts of the consumer now, whose interests have shifted only through the Internet, and a large segment of this audience does not watch television.

Conversational Marketing

Many business owners may not imagine that talking and communicating with customers is one of the most important and effective types of marketing.

By having the ability to have conversations between you and your audience in the language they use and communicate with them the way they like and use them, your audience will feel loyal to your brand forever.

Communicating with customers is not just answering their inquiries and questions, it is a way to build a strong relationship between the audience and their awareness of your brand. It is more than just a temporary chat.

That is why you should pay attention to the need to provide a team of the most efficient and intelligent people to respond to customers and communicate with them.

It is better now with the technological development and the availability of many tools and automation of modern e-commerce and artificial intelligence, with the application of any of the applications and tools of chatbots to quickly respond to customers and interact professionally without the possibility of error or negligence.

And when you choose the ExpandCart platform as your supporter during your e-commerce business journey, you will enjoy many applications and tools that will take the trouble of responding and communicating with customers professionally off your shoulders.

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ExpandBot is the best Arabic chatbot application in the Arab world and enables you to turn your conversations with your customers into sales.

This is done through important and effective features such as:

  • An automated and immediate response to your customers' conversations gains customer satisfaction and thus motivates them to make the purchase.
  • It is an accurate response to comments, as it responds separately to each comment.
  • An intelligent response to comments and messages by including the response with keywords asked by customers, such as "shipping, price, payment," motivate customers to make a purchase quickly as a result of their understanding and successful communication with them.
  • collecting and saving customer data for later use in paid advertising campaigns.

Thus, you can benefit from the ExpandBot application in more than one way. All of them aim to increase your sales by utilizing the conversations and messages of your customers.

marketing with offers and discounts

One of the best types of marketing for customers, rather than merchants and brand owners, is marketing with promotions and discounts.

Figures and studies of purchasing shopper behavior remind us that among the highest motives behind buying a customer online are:

  • Offers for free shipping
  • Having a discount on the purchase
  • The presence of a discount with a promo code

Thus, through these offers, you can attract the largest possible number of potential customers to your brand and register the highest selling rates.

You can use this type of marketing strategy, whether in the seasons of offers and discounts such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday or in periods other than those seasons, to motivate and enhance the purchase rate of your brand at any time.

Social Marketing.

Social marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to promote brands, but in a different way than usual, which is to promote the features and characteristics of the product.

Rather, social marketing aims to promote what the brand offers by participating in a social problem or issue to attract the attention and awareness of the public about the brand and its charitable and community work that is close to their personal goals and beliefs.

Let's illustrate with an illustrative example. For example, most of the modern millennial generation has a great awareness of environmental conservation and what thoughts and behaviors are beneficial or harmful to the environment.

This shows directly in their behavior, as we find a large number of them do not practice any water activities in the seas and rivers to defend and preserve the water and fish wealth from human harm.

We also find a large group of them banning the use of plastic, mainly, and boycotting any brands that still use plastic in packaging their products because this causes harm to the environment and organisms.

And that is precisely what has been done by many brands recently, believing in these issues and their role in encouraging millennials to preserve the environment and winning them as potential customers as well.

As shown in the following picture, we find the famous bakery café group "Cinnabon", which published this advertisement on its social media platforms and in all cafés in all branches.

It includes advertising that they use eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging faster than traditional plastic, which never degrades or degrades after years.

The advertising campaign was very positively received by Cinnabon customers and succeeded in attracting the attention of initiatives concerned with preserving the environment from human harm, and they all shared this advertisement and supported Cinnabon.